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Meet the Farmers'

In Spring 2018 it was time for married couple Caitlyn and Ciara Blum to buy their first house. Well naturally it had to be a farm with pasture and room for a large garden. After many weeks of hard work repairing the old barn and putting in raised garden beds, Honey Blum Farms was born. Of course we already brought our own chicken coop when we moved in and had Mini guard donkeys call this place home within a month of settling in. Our farm has grown over the past years and a passion for the animals we raise and produce we grow barely describes how much we love what we do. Being able to raise livestock with diligent care and sow love into every seed is a joy; but being able to share these products and our passions with our local community is the Honey Bee on top.        


 Our Farm Philosophy

At Honey Blum Farms we only implement sustainable agriculture practices to protect and make best use of the land which ultimately yields in better growth of produce and overall sustainable herd/flock health. We maintain quality animal management with a focus on the wellbeing of the livestock and human animal welfare. 

Our small-scale farm operation has a focus on multispecies grazing management which takes full advantage of biological diversity to best utilize and preserve the grazing pastures. Additionally, the establishment and use of native grasses and forbs on our pastures has increased grazing opportunities and enhanced wildlife and pollinator habitat conservation efforts.

One of the farm owners, Caitlyn, has considerable educational background and hands on experience working with farm and cattle management, Self-educating, and growing the business slowly while learning how best to meet the needs of the animals. Our future goal is to also offer farm educational courses to farmers who wish to utilize small scale sustainable farming operations for self-sufficiency and increased nutritional benefits. 


Farm Tours

Come say Hi, visit the animals and learn more about how we promote a sustainable lifestyle through education of the local community on the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food. Interact with the goats and donkeys as they graze in the pasture and collect your own dozen of fresh farm eggs. We welcome all visitors and volunteers at Honey Blum Farm, as the growth and education of our community is our top priority.

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